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Super Lemon Haze THCA Flower: A Citrusy Burst of Energy and Creativity


Super Lemon Haze THCA Flower is a popular and award-winning cannabis strain known for its vibrant flavor profile, potent effects, and uplifting qualities. A cross between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, this sativa-dominant hybrid combines the best attributes of its parent strains to deliver a memorable cannabis experience.

Flavor Profile and Aroma

Super Lemon Haze THCA Flower is characterized by its bright and citrusy flavor profile. It offers a zesty combination of lemon and lime flavors with subtle undertones of earthiness and spice. This citrus-forward taste is complemented by a hint of sweetness, creating a refreshing and invigorating smoking experience. The aroma of Super Lemon Haze is equally vibrant, emitting a strong citrus scent with hints of pine and herbal notes, reminiscent of fresh lemon zest.

Potency and Effects Of Super Lemon Haze THCA 

One of the standout features of Super Lemon Haze THCA Flower is its potency. THCA, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that converts to THC when heated, delivering psychoactive effects. Super Lemon Haze is known for its elevated levels of THCA, ensuring a potent and long-lasting experience for consumers.

The effects of Super Lemon Haze are predominantly sativa-leaning, offering a cerebral and energetic high. Users typically experience a surge of creativity and euphoria, making it an ideal choice for daytime use or social activities. This strain is also valued for its mood-enhancing properties, as it can uplift and improve focus while reducing feelings of anxiety and stress. Despite its stimulating effects, Super Lemon Haze THCA Flower also provides a gentle physical relaxation that allows for functional use throughout the day.

Super Lemon Haze THCA Flower
Super Lemon Haze THCA Flower

About Our Super Lemon Haze THCA Flower Discover the vibrant energy of’s Super Lemon Haze, a sativa-dominant hybrid grown organically in a climate-controlled greenhouse. Known as “SLH,” this premium strain is a cross between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, delivering an exceptional cannabis experience.

Why Choose Super Lemon Haze THCA Flower? Super Lemon Haze THCA Flower is celebrated for its uplifting and creative effects. With its sativa-leaning properties, expect a burst of energy and a lively, euphoric high. The distinct lemon aroma, combined with its rich terpene profile, enhances the invigorating sensation, making it a favorite for those seeking a boost in mood and creativity.

Potency Analysis

  • Cannabinoid Profile:
    • CBDA: 0.073%
    • CBGA: 0.58%
    • CBG: 0.124%
    • THCVa: 0.213%
    • Delta-9-THC: 0.256%
    • THCA: 23.19%
    • Total Cannabinoids: 24.44%
    • Calculated Total THC: 20.60%

Quality Assurance Each batch of our THCA Flower undergoes rigorous testing for potency, heavy metals, pesticides, moisture, and mycotoxins. This ensures all our THCA flowers meet the highest safety standards and are safe for consumption.

Shipping Restrictions Please note, we do not ship this product to Arkansas, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, and Vermont.

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